Solid Selfies™

Solid Selfies™ Facebook™ Contest & Rewards Program

Every month, starting in October 2019, our Facebook page, @SolidTiesUSA holds contests in the following events:

1) Pitch your Cause
2) Fashion & Entertainment
3) Graphic Design Art
4) Platinum Ticket

Every month, there are 3 medalists for each event decided on by number of Likes, serving as votes. To broaden participation, only 1 medal may be earned by a participant every 60 days. Platinum Tickets are an exception.

Rewards (1 point = $1 site credit)
Platinum Ticket = 30 points
Gold Medal = 10 points

Silver Medal = 5 points
Bronze Medal = 2 points

Points can be redeemed anytime by contacting us via Facebook. They must be consumed in increments of 10 points. Unused points in a redemption are lost.

How to Participate
You must Follow and Like our page. Every participant submits a 10-second video (you must show your face) to be detailed below. Make your submission in the correct event post. The appropriate event posts for the given month are created by sometime in the first week of each month. 

Make it entertaining, visual, and why its special. Tip - Use strong, spread lighting. 

In your post, you can include a title (maximum 40 characters), but no other text - let your video do the talking! Replies to your own post are only allowed to concisely answer questions. No spamming or bumping.

Liking/voting closes on 1pm EST NYC, the last business work day of the month. SolidTies has discretionary final approval over medalists. 

A Leader board with point totals, and Hall of Fame (2+ Gold Medals) will be constantly updated below this page. 


Event Descriptions
1) Pitch your Cause
Talk about your business idea, charity, loving memory, fund-raiser, or anything else, and of course! - tell us where to learn more! Don't be spammy about it! To win here, you need to be emotional, engaging, inspiring, motivational, etc. 

2) Fashion & Entertainment
Show us how you dress up for a girl's night out, or that important interview. If you want, include your pets, kids, tricks, dancing, life-hacks, recipes, stand-up comedy, etc. Make it entertaining!

3) Graphic Design Art
Show us your art, but don't forget to get your face in there. Something about would be nice, but not necessary. Other kinds of art might be ok (sculptures, paintings, etc.). Straight up talent wins here, but your thoughts about it can add to its appeal.

4) Platinum Ticket
There's a chance in every Assorted Necktie Offer A "5 for $19.99" or Assorted Necktie Offer B "Pick 3 for $17.99", that someone will discover a Platinum Ticket in their package! The more you buy, the more your chances!.. Will you be the one to find that extra Shiny Necktie?

Leader board / Hall of Fame
(Country Flag - Anonymized FB Name - Current Points - Lifetime Medals)
You can choose any flag and name. Hall of Fame is reserved for medalists who win 2+ gold medals.
usa-flag.png - TacoLover82 - 12 - 0/0/0/0*
canada-flag.png - goldenchild - 8 - 0/0/0/0*
uk-flag.png - upset_banana - 2 - 0/0/0/0*

*For example purposes. Not real persons. 

Legal Stuff

By submitting your video, participants grant unlimited rights to market your videos in perpetuity. has final discretionary approval over final medalists.

Acts of evil, violence, danger, harm, or anything else deemed controversial or illegal is prohibited. is not liable for any accidents, damage or harm of any kind whatsoever in the production of your videos.

Don't include copyrighted music, or other intellectual property that is not yours. 

Points do not expire. Unused points have no monetary value. SolidTies may void all points of a participant at any time for any reason. Void in states or countries prohibiting such contests. This program, and its rules can be changed at any time without notice.

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