5 Assorted 100% Silk Ties for $19.99 (Colors Represent Various Assorted Patterns)

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5 Assorted 100% Silk Ties for $19.99 (Colors Represent Various Assorted Patterns)

Choose from among 5 color sets. Each color represents an assorted necktie of various patterns of that color. Five of our best-selling, assorted, brand-name quality, 100% Silk neckties are chosen by SolidTies, and delivered to you at a bargain price.

Our neckties include proprietary brands such as Vincent Di Mani, and others. 100% Silk Woven, they are the same quality as Kenneth Cole™, Van Huessen, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and Nautica™ selling between $40-$80+.

Each necktie can vary slightly in measurements, approximately 57" long, and 3"-3.5" wide at the widest end. Colors and patterns are distinctive and modern, and can vary.

A great closet-builder for you, or as an amazing gift for that professional someone! It's great knowing you will be prepared and ready to go with a variety of fashionable neckties for your next business meeting or that important job interview. Every 100% Silk necktie in our warehouse is carefully curated, and then further refined as best-sellers. 

Behind each of our neckties is a 40-year story of manufacturing and design best practices with meticulous attention to detail. The results are sumptuous brand-name quality 100% Silk neckties at an unbelievable prices that will be pleasing at any event or meeting.  

Did we mention FREE shipping & handling, and FREE returns? There's no reason not to try it! Limit of two exchanges. Please read policy here.

Black gift box not included.

While supplies last. Limited stock!

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  • 5
    buy this deal!

    Posted by Will D. Keller on Oct 10th 2019

    great price, and quality! soft and thick ties like my other expensive ones.

  • 5
    best price

    Posted by Guy Paterson on Oct 10th 2019

    Same, if not better quality, at the best prices!

  • 5
    super satisfied

    Posted by Ian Smith on Oct 10th 2019

    Well made, and awesome price!

  • 5
    Size is perfect and looks great!

    Posted by Y. Bizhiali on Oct 10th 2019

    I was happy to see the quality of your ties is about what I see on the picture.

  • 5
    Perfect for boys and suits!

    Posted by Chivali Hernandex on Oct 10th 2019

    I bought this for my kids to dress them up for Sunday service. Such a great deal!

  • 4
    great price!

    Posted by Luwaxan Chlala on Oct 10th 2019

    these are tie for the best peple! one of the tie not my stil but my father like. i recommend!!!!

  • 4
    Ties I would wear

    Posted by Vargas on Oct 10th 2019

    I got these for my son, but these are ties that I would wear too.

  • 5
    very nice! ty

    Posted by Francine L. Manning on Oct 10th 2019

    Very nice ties, and I like the packaging it came in too! God bless!

  • 5
    cant beat the price

    Posted by the_good_Buys on Oct 10th 2019

    the quality is also good. If you're young and need ties, you cant beat it!