5 Assorted 100% Silk Ties for $19.99 (Colors Represent Various Assorted Patterns)

5 Assorted 100% Silk Ties for $19.99

Choose from 5 color sets. Each color represents a various assorted pattern of that color. Items do not come with black gift box. While supplies last. *Free shipping, handling, and returns to contiguous 48 states only.

Pick 3 of 9 100% Silk Ties (Customer chooses 3 from an image of 9 assorted ties)

PICK 3 OF 9 100% SILK TIES FOR $17.99

Customer is emailed an image of 9 neckties, and picks 3. Items do not come with silver platter. While supplies last. *Free shipping, handling, and returns to contiguous 48 states only.

SolidTies™ Matching Bow Ties for Weddings, Quinceañeras, Barmitzvahs


Made with the finest materials for an elegant look. Bow ties are becoming very popular as the next step up in fashion. Step up your next Wedding, Quinceañera, or Barmitzvah, and order matching bow ties for all your guests! And try our convenient Banded Bow Ties which won't twist you into a pretzel putting them on! Fast on, fast off. So you'll have more time to savor the champagne.

SolidTies™ Matching Suspenders for Marching Band, Choir, Orchestra


With the best of customer-tested designs and impressive quality, our X-Back suspenders provide the right support, and Poly-Blends make for a rugged yet refined look. Focus on the music, and not keeping your pants up! Order enough for your whole marching band, choir, or orchestra. Our polished metal secure grip teeth means you'll never miss a minute of the half-time show.

SolidTies™ Matching Socks for Bowling League, Sports Team


Turn heads at League Night with our brand-name color-coordinated socks. Durable and remarkably soft, our socks have just the right size of knitting. Not too thick, not too thin. Every prepared man needs color-coordinated socks. Bowling, baseball, darts. If you're going to win, then do it in style. With a generous range of colors, Our socks are as determined and good-looking as you are!